About my exodus

I lived in Orange County from the time I was seven years old, when my family arrived from Indiana in a silver Pontiac station wagon. Mired deep in the Southern California lifestyle, I did not notice how the culture of what many used to call the Orange Curtain –a safe, traditional, and wealthy suburban enclave – had slowly shifted.

Devoting much of my time to a corporate job (vice president of corporate communications for a Fortune 25 company), I found myself more and more conflicted by a culture that demanded not only my days, but also my devotion to a brand for which I had lost faith.

One day my boss called me a “Real Housewife of OC” as he went around the table introducing his staff to the head of public relations as we were gathered in a conference room in Los Angeles. Behind my red, hot and ashamed face I began contemplating all that meant, you’ve seen the Real Housewife series, right?  Over time I realized that the Orange County I grew up in was no longer the Orange County where I wanted to raise my kids. Quaint suburbia surrounded by citrus groves was gone, and with it an innocence had been replaced by the massive sprawling big city culture of Los Angeles.

Previously, my husband had introduced me to his hometown of Kansas City, and after many trips to this cosmopolitan mid-western gem, my dreams of becoming a Kansas Citian became hard to ignore.  “People who live in Kansas City have no idea what they have,” I found myself saying time after time. A journey of tough decisions, comedic errors and finding true purpose has allowed my dream of escaping Orange County and California a reality.

www.MyCaliforniaExodus.wordpress.com is the story of my Exodus from the clutches of the California dystopia. I am now a “house mom” living in Kansas, working on my first novel and getting reacquainted with my creative side as I tend to my family and giggle at the scenes I create as my fingers race across my keyboard.

I have fallen in love with the slower paced lifestyle on Foxy Pond, my four-acre estate located in Johnson County, which is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. My reawakening has meant leaving behind the sunshine of California, but not my Porsche 911 or my four-inch Gucci pumps.  Enjoy finding humor in everyday life and introspection by subscribing to my blog.